Pattern making
- Karissa, Newcastle

 All of Myriam's swimwear patterns are made by Karissa. She is our swimwear architect. Karissa performs an important role in the design process and uses her extensive industry experience to bring our swimwear designs to life through precise pattern making and testing. 

Cutting Fabric
- Ari, Sydney

Our swimwear fabric is cut by our cutter, Ari, located in Marrickville, Sydney. They specialise in cutting for swimwear. CAD is first used to create a ‘marker’ by arranging patterns on the fabric and to minimise the amount of offcuts and wastage from cutting. The fabric is cut clean and precise using CNC laser cutting technology before being packaged up for the maker.


Sewing Swimwear 

- Lian, Sydney


Our swimwear is hand sewn by Lian, an experienced swimwear maker in Campsie, Sydney. She operates her family business with her husband and her daughter. Sewing swimwear is not easy; it needs skills, experience, specialist equipment, and she has it all.



Design, Direction
- Miho, Newcastle/Tokyo


 I'm from Tokyo and I moved to Newcastle Australia in 2016. I started Myriam Swim in 2019.

Myriam's design and quality comes from my 7 years of experience as a lingerie designer and a strong passion for vintage fashion. I didn’t grow up near water, but I've realized that being in the water is fun, healing, and it makes me love life more. My goal is to provide confidence and comfort to women through my swimwear for an enjoyable water life.