Armed with nothing but a tambourine, Myriam is said to have led the free women in song and dance as they travelled through the splitting sea. The performance was a way to celebrate overcoming past battles - skirts swirling, hair blowing in the wind, voices ringing above the sea...

Today we bring you the spirit of Myriam, with the quality and comfort worthy of a mythic journey with a modern spin - a style to stand out from the crowd at the beach and in the city. (We are more than swimwear.)

We accentuate what makes any woman beautiful and you will know it with a single reading of our materials and seams.

Most importantly, our swimwear is 100% designed and made in Australia which means you can buy with confidence.

MYRIAM is founded by Miho Arai who worked as a lingerie designer for 7 years in Tokyo, Japan before moving to Newcastle to begin her new life and her swimwear label in this Aussie paradise.